Class of ’74 – July 4th Get-Together
Once again, Dave Woodis and Doug Rutford will be pitching the tents and firing up the grills at Langford Park on July 4th! Don’t wait for an official class reunion: come celebrate the holiday and see some of your former classmates at the same time. All are welcome! The festivities start around noon (immediately following the parade). Look for the University of Minnesota tent. Please bring something to grill – and something to share. There is always a super spread; Woody and Rut throw a great party! You can rsvp to either Dave or Doug, but if you decide to just show up, that’s okay too. Hope to see you there!

HAPPY 61st BIRTHDAY this year to everyone!
Most of us will be 61 years old this year. My how quickly the years go by! That’s okay. We are so much smarter now and know what is important and what isn’t.  Seek happiness and peace where you can. Let’s make the rest of our lives the best they can be–for ourselves, our families, and our fellow human beings!
Happy Birthday everyone! Watch the Happy Birthday song by Casey Jones for a nostalgic walk down memory lane!