Class of 1974 – 45th CLASS REUNION to be held SEPT. 28, 2019!!!
Okay, everyone… our next class reunion is a milestone: 45 years! We know some of you dread the thought of talking to people, especially people who knew you in HIGH SCHOOL. But we all kinda grew up together and we share that common experience. You might be surprised at how nice a time you have. Take a chance! Step out of your regular routine for one night! Just don’t brag about inventing Post-It Notes. 🙂 

Date: Saturday Sept. 28, 2019 
Time: 6pm until 10pm or so
Place: Giggles’ Campfire Grill (on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds)
RSVP Flyer: Get all the details on how to order your tickets to the reunion event; 
CLICK HERE to open the RSVP flyer. Complete the form on-screen and then print and/or save it.  Then mail it with your check. If you have any questions, please email Julie Healy. Some classmates may receive an official post card reminder in the mail that looks like this:






HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone!
Most of us will turn 62 or 63 years old this year. My how quickly the years go by! That’s okay. We are so much smarter now and know what is important and what isn’t.  Seek happiness and peace where you can. Let’s make the rest of our lives the best they can be–for ourselves, our families, and our fellow human beings!

Happy Birthday everyone! Watch the Happy Birthday song by Casey Jones for a nostalgic walk down memory lane!