Welcome Class of 1974!

The Class of 1974 from Murray High School (St. Paul, MN) has its own web site! We hope this site will be your source for:

  • Other News & announcements about classmates, events, etc.
  • Connecting with classmates
  • Sharing memories and thoughts
  • HEY, our 45th Reunion is this year! We’re all getting together on Sept. 28th and we’d love to see YOU there! CLICK HERE for all the reunion info!

We invite you to submit a comment on any topic we post here. We want to hear from you! And if you were in our graduating class, we want you on our mailing list; please email Julie Healy.

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10 Responses to Welcome Class of 1974!

  1. Vickie Anderson says:

    I recently found a Murray Pilots gold and blue pin on button at a rummage sale…..I researched and it is from your school pre-1965…..I am wondering if there is an address I can send it to….This button needs to go home to you who graduated from Murray……Sincerely, A Minneapolis Southwest graduate, Vickie Anderson

  2. admin says:

    Hi Vickie,
    Amazing that you took the time to research the button you found at that rummage sale! Thank you for your thoughtfulness. We would love to have the pin and post a photo of it on our site and the other Murray HS sites we know of so that everyone can enjoy it. We will email you an address you can send it to. (BTW, did you realize there was a Vickie Anderson in the graduating class of 1974?) Thanks again for your kindness. All the best.

  3. Nancy Gill-LeVesseur says:

    Blue Heron sounds WONDERFUL Friday or Saturday I’m in! Hopin’ its the Blue Heron in Hugo… the best of the best!

  4. Kathy says:

    My mom has a class ring from 1940. It has the initials JCM inside.
    Is there any way to find out who that is?

  5. admin says:

    Hello Kathleen,
    I apologize for the late response to your question about your mother’s ring, but we were on vacation, etc. I am happy to help.

    My father attended Murray High School in St. Paul, MN (as did I) and he graduated in the class of 1940. As luck would have it, he had saved his commencement program from that year. There was only one name that matches the initials found inside your Mother’s ring: JEANNE CATHERINE MARSHALL. Sadly, my father passed away last January, so I cannot ask him if he knew her. I have done a cursory search for her on the internet, but found nothing, probably because Marshall was her maiden name.

    I hope you find it interesting to know who owned the ring at one time. Perhaps a relative of yours?

    Best of luck to you, and thank you for your inquiry.
    Webmaster (admin)

  6. Bob Brasted says:

    Thanks so much to Anne and all for putting this together. Beautiful! Love the pics of all the folks–including of some of my mentors from childhood, like Bruce Perizzo!! I hope they all can make it to the 40 as well. We will plan to be there. Warm regards to all from Eugene Oregon.

  7. Hellooo! This is wonderful. Thank you so much for putting this together. It will make the next reunion spectacular. For those of us who don’t make it we can Skype them in.


  8. JoAnn (Falkowski) Buse says:

    My husband wants to know what kind of pilots we were. He is was a Governer from St. Paul Johnson. I told him we were the “groovy pilots”. He teaches snowboarding at Trollhaughen. Any groovy boarders? I am still into skiing. Just got back from Big Sky!! My happy place. JoAnn

  9. R. Lindenberg says:

    Can anyone tell me if there was a Pom Pom or Cheerleader group called the Skippers at your school in the early 1970s?

  10. admin says:

    Yes, the Pom Pom squad at Murray High School was known as the “Skippers.” That name was referenced in the 1972, and 1974 yearbooks (Interestingly, I knew someone on the squad in 1972, but didn’t remember them being called that). Would love to know your connection to the squad and whether you attending Murray HS. Thanks!

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