Murray High School no longer exists as a high school. It is now Murray Junior High School for grades 7 and 8. (The one thing we can all count on: change.)

History of Murray

In February 1926, Murray opened as a neighborhood school with 13 classrooms and a gym. Grades K-3 and 7-9 were taught with a total of 200 students enrolled. In 1930, enrollment nearly doubled in size. A new wing was also added. January 1940 saw the opening of the auditorium wing and the science labs underneath. There were 850 students then enrolled in grades 7-12. Murray was now a Junior/Senior High School. The first graduating class was in June 1940.

In 1963, the new building was added with a gym, pool, and science facilities to reduce overcrowding and double shifts caused by the “baby-boomer” class of 1964. There were 1100 students enrolled!

Just four years later in 1968, many in our class enrolled at Murray Junior/Senior High. In early 1979, a new library opened. The last high school graduating class was in June 1979.

Murray then opened in the Fall of 1979 as a general magnet school for grades 7-9. In September 1980, it was changed again to a grade 7-8 magnet school.

In 1979 when Murray High School became a junior high school, Como Park Junior High School became Como Park Senior High School. Those students who would have gone to Murray High School, then attended Como Park Senior High School or Central High School (near I-94 and Lexington Ave.).

In September 1986, the science-math magnet began, serving grades 7-8. A new front entry, new offices and two new classrooms were built in 2000.