In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to our classmates and teachers who have left us. We remember them fondly. Have a special memory you’d like to share? Please add a comment below.


Richard Overgard

Scott Sherman

Beth Shuster

Mary Ubel

Denise Hanson

Kurt Steinhauser

Jeff Loeffler – 7/1/10

Mark Eberhart (adopted classmate)

Pat (Heille) Johnson – 2/24/11

Susan (Hahn) Nelson – 12/12/13

Steve Smith – 6/1/2018


Bob Ritter (“Prof”) – Biology, you ameobas, you paramecium! – 1987

Dr. Sol Mastbaum (“Doc”) – Calculus and early adopter of computer science – our only Ph.D.

Alex Heron – Social Studies teacher and expert on the Middle East

Bernie Broderick – Algebra teacher and cross country coach – 1998

Esther Goffstein (“Madame”) – French teacher and holder of petite fetes

Gerry Line – Social Studies teacher and student council advisor, always on the lookout for Pam the gooser!

Frank Gruber – Industrial Arts teacher

Lucille Smith – Math teacher and purveyor of important lessons: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!

Marjorie Rusch – Music teacher and choir master extraordinaire – 11/30/11

John (Jack) Pearson – Teacher and hockey coach – 1/25/16

2 Responses to In Memoriam

  1. admin says:

    Dear Patty (Heille-Johnson),
    I miss you. You left us way too soon, and I think about you all the time. You will never be forgotten. I remember dancing in your basement to LPs, making malteds in your kitchen, going to the beach at Lake Johanna, going to Camp Fire Girl meetings with you and the ‘gang’, and going to parties. You always were exceptional at everything, but especially at being a great friend. Thank you for giving me great memories. Rest in peace.

  2. Scott Robertson says:

    Dear Rick Overgard,

    I remember you being such a great person and a great athlete. It was so sad when you left us. Rest in Peace! Not long ago, my younger brother Gordy called me on his cell phone and asked me to guess where he was. I could barely hear him since he was on his Harley, so he cranked it off and said he was sitting in front of the electrical tower in our former yard at 31 Hillside Ct. It sparked up old memories that I will never forget. So, not long after that, I walked from 31 Hillside Ct. up past Julie’s house, past the Uhl’s, cut through the bushes across from the Uhl’s and Faith Benson’s house where we used to lay in the sun with Sun-In in our hair and listen to songs like “Spill The Wine”, cut over to Carter and passed Laura Quale’s house all the way down to the former Guertin’s, cut over to the former Blomberg’s, crossed the street to Miller Drug, and attempted to cut through our old pathway all the way to the top of the hill where “some” of us had our last drags of our cigs. I know…Yuk! I thought about all of you and said a prayer to forgive me if I was mean to anyone as I’ve heard I was. I was picked on as well by the older guys, so it was just a part of growing up…I think. Miss and respect you all. Especially you, Rick! Always, Scott Robertson

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